Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Of birthdays and earthquakes (and lame rhymes)

Last Saturday was one of the best days EVER. So here I am, sharing it with you because there is no way I will not brag about it. 

Saturday, which was supposed to be a very normal day, turned out to be magical. It started off simple and nice; I had my cup of coffee and chatted with one of my best friends Paula, who is also my roommate, played some PS3 (recommendation of the year: Dragon’s Dogma DarkArisen), ate lunch and cleaned the house a bit. Then, I was going to go out with Paula to check out some books (ended up buying “The Complete Grimm's FairyTales”) and meet up with her boyfriend for sushi later.
Since Paula knew this “sushi place which is super good and cheap and you’ll really like it”, she showed us around and got us lost a few times, and then we ended up going to this fancy… Izakaya? And just when I was about to question Paula’s choice of sushi restaurant (since it looked quite pricey) we were shown to a room and I was shoved into it.
And it was full of people, so I opened my mouth to say “hey, wrong room!” and then I realized I recognized those people! 
"Surprise!!" they bellowed, and I was shouting "What? Huh!?"

How on Earth Paula managed a Surprise Birthday Party when we LIVE together is a complete mystery.

So, we started talking and laughing, and the incredible food started coming around and there was this TV screen which was a Karaoke (but it was ridiculously expensive, so we gave up on that, obviously) and this one waitress which seemed to be confused and stressed and this other waiter who obviously wanted to throw us off the building…!
It was downright hilarious! And the food was AMAZING. The people were great, and it was just impossibly magical.

And THEN, brr brr brr. Yes, the 8.5 magnitude earthquake, which was the second strongest in Japan since 1885, after the 11th of March 2011. It was stronger even than the Kobe earthquake in 1995, which was a 6.8 and killed over 6,000 people and left over 300,000 homeless). 

It was intense. Fortunately, the epicenter was really deep down the ocean (about 590km) and there was no tsunami risk. Had there been one, though, we would’ve been in deep trouble, though…

The whole room swayed from right to left and back, and it was long. The scary part, other than the intense swinging was the length. We didn’t have the sense to look at a clock, but I would swear that it was over a minute long. We immediately checked twitter and Yurekuru (an app which warns about earthquakes) but since there was absolutely no signal in the shop we were left without information. We finally, though, somehow managed to get in touch with a few people outside to let them know we were okay (since the magnitude alone guaranteed its appearance in the news).

So, after a few relieved laughs, we went back to our party and kept on going as though nothing had happened (understand that, fortunately, nothing really did).

Then the miracle. The party was only the tip of the iceberg, because a tablet was shoved under my nose and then the beauty began.
One by one, my friends’ face, smiling and laughing, dancing for me, came on screen and I was filled with such immense joy, love, happiness and life that I still choke even now and I must stop this sentence or I’ll start crying again

(Music: "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift)

 (Music: "This is war" by Emily Kinney)

We were gently kicked out of the room after out time limit was over and we went over to take some photos (Purikura) to celebrate, and then we headed towards the station because most people were busy in the morning.

And then another adventure began. The JR lines were down. Most of the group had to use JR to go home, so we searched for alternatives ways (fortunately, Metro lines were still running), but Paula and her boyfriend (both of whom were going to go to his house) and another friend, Oriol, were left stranded so they were going to come and stay at my place.
Oriol, though, decided to go home anyway because the JR lines started up again (past midnight, too!) and Paula, her boyfriend and I decided to go to the station before mine and go to Karaoke.
And we stayed there for an hour and a half, singing to our hearts content, and went back by taxi and zzz…

So, what can I say? It was beyond awesome
I must confess that I was being blinded by stress and frustration. It’s not that I hate my job (sometimes it does get overwhelming, though) but I have been under so much pressure I was going nuts. I could only see the days in front of me in terms of meetings and deadlines, and waking up every day was a drag. 

Still, last Saturday reminded me that that is not my life.
My job: no, that’s not my life.

I decide what it is, and it is my friends.
My most adored friends, the people I love, and the people who despite my faults and shortcomings love me.
These people are my world, and they are the reason I wake up in the morning, they are the reason I smile.
They have reminded me of it, and I cannot love them more because there isn’t enough in the universe, because I give it all to them.
I thank you all. I love you all.

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