Monday, April 20, 2015

Time (2) - Oh, the irony...

Oh, the irony...

Because shortly after I wrote that nice, full-of-hope post which talked about the importance of balancing the time for your company and your personal life...
For some reason, someone thought that it would be a nice idea to suggest that I be involved in more projects. Therefore, everyone decided at once that I might be ideal for that one project they all had individually, which resulted in me having tons of small different projects with different deadlines and long and boring etc. 
Maybe I'm at a peak, or maybe I was just being arrogant in January, but those words seem awfully naive of me.
Oh, how I wish I had more time!!

And you know the strangest part? 
Yes, it's that for some reason staying overtime at night is strangely... not that nightmarish.
Maybe it's because the phone doesn't ring as often, or maybe it's because I'm rather free to take as many breaks as I want or check my phone, but I feel as though I get more things done when I am not under pressure. (And I bet I'm not the only one.)
But still, yeah, having to stay until late is a pain...

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